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A Brief Introduction of Shaolin Epo Wushu college

    Shaolin Epo Wushu College was set up in 1977.It is the first special Wushu school in new China.It is one of Top Ten Famous Wushu Schools in China.There are nearly 8000 students studying Shaolin Kungfu in our college from different countries all over the world(including China ).

    The founder of the college,Mr.Liang Yi quan was born in a Wushu family.He began to study Shaolin Kungfu at the age of six.Later he followed Master ZhenHe----a monk of Shaolin Temple trainning Wushu,he was given a Buddist name Shi Suyi.He is good at Shaolin YIN-YANG JING and Shaolin LONG LIVE YANG SHENG KUNG . He is the character of the representative of Shaolin boxing . He has been to Japan ,America, Canada, Germany, England etc for Wushu teaching ,exhibition visiting .He and his disciples partcipated in many films and TV dramas shooting .

    He is a senior-level coach of our country.He has enjoyed the governmentí»s special allowances of the State Council since 1993.He is one of Top Ten Famous Wushu Masters of China. He is well-known in Wushu circle of the world.

    We have a beautiful environment and complete facilities for teaching,trainning,and living.You are very welcome to study Shaolin Kungfu in our College. You will have a happy life in here,and you will succeed!